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Bill Rollins

Bill started in radio in 1965 on the short lived English offshore pirate station 'Tower Radio' that broadcast from the Sunk Head Tower off the Essex coast. He worked with East Anglian Productions and was responsible for editing and production of the famous 6 LP box set 'The Radio Caroline Story' and the 'Laser 558 Story' He was also in the 80s the Voice that introduced the religious Viewpoint programmes on Caroline from the Ross Revenge.
He progressed from recording some commercials for an English station, Mellow 1557 to The Breakfast Show, when the station was sold he then went to Afternoon Drive. Mellow 1557 (on AM) became Dream 100 (on FM). Bill has presented shows for RSL station Red Sands Radio and can also be heard on the internet with 'Caroline-Flashback'.

Now he is back on 'real Free Radio' with Radio Mi Amigo International !
Join Bill every weekend "rollin' the airwaves" !

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